Debuging problem: symbol not found...


I've got some troubles with the Visual C++ 4.0 debuger:
When I trace my program, the debuger has a strange behaviour:

For instance, in the following sample of code, when I put a breakpoint on the second line, it tells me in the Watch window: "CXX0017: Error: symbol "Bord" not found".

signed short Bord = 1;
double SomCoef    = 0;

I've tried these things: A "rebuild all", restarting my machine, trying to put "Bord" as a member of my class (in this case I can initialise it in the constructor but I can't update its value after !)

So, if anyone has already encountered this problem, can you help me ? Thanks !

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KangaRooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Glad I could help.
? How did you declare it as class member ?

Sometimes variables are 'invisible' to the debugger because of optimizations. The declaration of Bord might actually be executed later on.
wooperAuthor Commented:
Sometime, small things can reveal some great changes ...

Ok, that's fine, you're right !

I used to compile with the optimizaton options always activated. It seems to work now. Thanks !

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