Oracle Timeout

what is Oracle Timeout ?
How does it work?
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eraceroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The oracle timeout isn't a paramter, it's a concept. It is known as "Dead Connection Detection" and it's a SQLNet functionality.
Once a new connection is established (to the listener) SQLNet read the sqlnet.ora file ant it set a time interval acording to the parameter SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME (this value is in minutes). When the time expires, SQLNet server sends a "probe packet" to the client; if the client is already there, the "probe packet" is answered and SQLNet resets the timer. If not, SQLNet will free the connection.
By default this value is 0.

Hope this help.
a timeout is an sqlNet parameter that tells oracle to disconect you when an specifed ammount of time idle or inactive time is reached
savvygAuthor Commented:
how and where do u set this parameter?

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