Printing and breakups of Entry Forms !!

I have Frontpage '98 installed in my system and I have a big client and they have their own intranet..and they want to make a web site in which they have couple of lenghty entry forms..just a normal fill up forms with fields,check boxes and other stuff...and they want all users to fill them up and after submitting the form they want to print that form as they look like on web. so how I can do it through web i mean can I send the filled form as it is on printer ?

And second thing is all forms contains 40 to 50 fields..its a bank data actually...and no need to save..just fill and make a hard copy thats how can i break the print outs of a lenghty form in couple of pieces cause its impossible to print the whole form on A4 size answer me please...

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sayasenhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suggest a rough and plain solution : to use the email !
(the example quoted below is OK with Ie4, Ne4, Ne3, because it doesn't involve any javascript. If some fields are compulsory, or are to be checked, it's a bit more difficult, because Netscape doesn't run an action="mailto:" via JavaScript).

e.g. :
<FORM NAME = "FormBul" METHOD="Post" ACTION="mailto: ... the email address ...?subject=Bulletin"
<input type="hidden" name="subject" value="Contact">
<table border="0" cellpadding="5" >
       <font color="#FF0000" size="2" face="Arial">Stand name</font>
    <td width="70%"><font face="Arial">
      <input type="text" size="42" Name="Stand1"></font>
    <td><font color="#FF0000" size="2" face="Arial">Corporate name</font>
    <td><font face="Arial">
      <input type="text" size="42" Name="CorporateName"></font>
    <td><font color="#FF0000"
       size="2" face="Arial">Address</font>
    <td><font face="Arial">
      <input type="text" size="42" name="Address1">
... etc ...
<input type="Submit" value ="Envoi" >

The email will look like :

CorporateName=Cycles informatiques
Address1=11 rue de la Paix
etc. (of course, you can format it prettier !)


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