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Low Res (72 dpi) EPS file to a Hi Res editable file?

A customer sent me a file in an EPS format.  I tried to open the file with terrible results (Low res, probably 72 dpi).  How do I convert this file to a hi-res file that I can use without going back and inconveniencing my customer?
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rocmktgAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
well in theory its EPS...so its resolution independent..Open it in Adobe Illustrator and you can resize it to any size you want including print resolution changes and depending on how it was saved it may or may not be editable at that point. Also keep in mind that things like quark are TERRIBLE previewers of graphics placed in it but the prints will look perfectly crisp...thats because quark would be VERY slow if it were displaying the whole image.
weed, not necessarily......  Allow me to remind you that Photoshop can also create EPS images..... and those are not res independant.....

I would need to ask, first, if the image is a vector or a raster..... or a hibrid...... Then I'd be able to give an answer to the question....

Good vibes!!
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true true....however i try to hope people arent sending out 72dpi EPS raster images...kinda defeats the purpose.
weed, agree.......  It happens, tho....

I work prepping images for silk screening and you woudn't believe that kind of crap people send as "artwork" sometimes......  

rocmktg, IF the image is a raster and the res is not adecuate for the purposes you need it for...... I guess you're gonna have to be honest with your client and let them know so.....

I usually tell my problem clients, "I can do magic but don't ask me for miracles..."

good vibes!!

Have you heard of a product called "Genuine Fractals" by Altamira Group (http://www.altamira-group.com)

Genuine Fractals is supposted to be able to compress files in a ratio similar to jpg but w/o loss of quality.

Also is said to be able to scale up files to any size using mathematical calculations and still retain resolution.  This part of the product would seem to fit your need.

I've never tried it but MacWorld gave it 4 1/2 mice out of 5.


Might be worth checking out.
Genuine Fractals is a MARVELOUS tool...but its not perfect...you cant scale more than 400% without quality loss.
We're going around in circles here.  You really need to know whether we're dealling with a vector eps generated in Illustrator, coreldraw or Freehand, or a raster/phtoshop raster verstion. Unfortunately many of the eps files found on corel and ms office cd's are of this nasty variety and really are only 72dpi,!
You could try opening it in photoshop first. If it opens, without "converting or asking for a raster resolution, then you likely have a vector image, which is, as said earlier, resolution independent.
Have you actually tried printing this file on a postscript printer? Don't be put off by what you see on screen. The previews generated by most programs are only 72dpi. Thi s is for screenpurposed oly. The base files should print at the maximum resolution your printer allows.  ie. on a300dpi laserwriter will print at 300 resolutuion. On a 2400dpi film imagesetter will print at 2400dpi.
If you open it in Corel etc, and can unlock, ungroup into smaller elements, then you have a true vector eps and all should be well.
If you're stuck with a low res, 72dpi raster version, you're in trouble. You could try using photoshops resampling tools, but results are  poor. You could try Illustratators or Adobe stramline software to make a raster to vector conversion, providing the image  itself is a logo or text. but if its a normal  scan of a scene, poeple etc, you'll  need to get a higher resolution original from you clients and explain that most of the freebee images he's obtained on the net or CD's are not for print, but for presentation or internet use only.
yadda yadda yadda
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