whats the difference between SCSI and IDE?

I want to buy a CD-rom and the SCSI version costs more than twice the IDE version...what makes the SCSI so much more expensive???
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) devices are *FASTER* than
IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) devices.

If you need the speed (got any PC games which run from CD-ROM?)
then that may justify the extra expense.

Your money; your choice.
bladev15Author Commented:
Its a TOSHIBA 40X CD ROM and the SCSI is $84, the IDE is only $48...is it worth it???
> is it worth it?

Personally, my CD-ROM is idle, over 95% of the time.
So, I didn't spend extra $$$ for a SCSI version.

If I had extra money, I would spend it on a SCSI hard-drive, since that gets a lot of usage, so the extra "performance" could be helpful, every day.

Also, note that most motherboards do *NOT* directly offer
support for SCSI devices; it is necessary to purchase a
SCSI adaptor, and plug it into your motherboard.
So, that's more $$$, if the CD-ROM is to be your *FIRST* SCSI device.
(A few modern, high-end, motherboards do incorporate
a SCSI adaptor right on the motherboard.)

bladev15Author Commented:
thanks otta!
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