VB, VBA, VBScript?

I am going to be building an application in VBA soon.
I've used VB a bit and VBSript quite a bit.  I really don't
know how much different VBA is from VB.  Does anyone know of any good sites that talk about the differences?  Especially,
I'd be interested in good online VBA references/tutorials.

thanks much,
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DarrenJConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can in most cases treat VBA like VB.

The major differences are that all variable are treated as variants so you can not do this in VBA

Dim MyVar as Long

You would just use

Dim MyVar

The variant data type works out what type to store, etc.

Other than that it's basically a cut down Visual Basic you
notice some keywords don't exist, But the major ones are.

For general information on VBA check out the MSDN library (available online at www.microsoft.com) and http://msdn.microsoft.com/vba/

hi, while i've never found much use for vba compared with vb this site has some interesting articles and may have the help you're looking for.


Hope this helps,
denamAuthor Commented:
Is there any rule of thumb regarding when to use VBA and when to use VB?

Well if your writing an application to run under Windows you would use Visual Basic.

But if you want to add extensions to Word/Excel you would use VBA.

With web pages (ASP, Client Side Script) you HAVE to use VBA.
denamAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jesse and Darren, this is what I needed to know.

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