Forms within forms

I was wondering if  you could create forms with in other forms... but make it appear as if it was really one form (not allowing the user to resize, minimise, maximise the subform) ... allowing me to change subforms with in the main form easily..
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BeedleGuisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you are just changing visible controls then you could just set the tag properties for each control as form1, form2 and so on.  Then when you want to show the form 1 controls just execute the following:

dim ctrl as control
for each control in form1.controls
    Select case ctrl.tag
        Case "Form1"
        case "Form2"
    End Select
next ctrl

and similar for the other forms
would the purpose of this be to just display different controls and/or information?
you could use a mdi form as the parent, and set the maximize, minimize properties of the child forms to false. Also set the child forms Border style to fixed
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Another method would be to put a picture box on the parent form, set the maximize,minimize properties on child to false as well as borderstyle to fixed single or fixed double for a 3d look, then you can go about doing it using the setparent API call.
nguyenngoAuthor Commented:
I need to switch between a set of many forms, which have a number of controls on them... also the forms should always be maximised and be resized when the parent is resized...
can you use a mdiform for the parent and just set all the child forms to start maximized, with the controlbox set to flase? also make sure mdichild is set true for all the child forms.
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