listing all the runnable exes

I want to create a menu (much like the start menu) which lists all the registered exes on the computer (and stores the execution path), together with their icons.  It will operate much like a custom start menu.  So i need a bit of code to pull out all the icons, exenames and executable paths for all the registered programs from wherever it all live in the registry.
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rwilson032697Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can read the list of registered EXEs from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/microsoft/windows/current version/app paths

Each entry is the EXE name, with a default key holding the path and exename and a key 'path' holding just the path to the exe.

You can get the icon from the EXEs like this:

procedure LoadIconFromEXE( ExeName : string; IconIndex: integer);
 var pExeName: pchar;
  // first, make a the EXE name a pchar:
 pExeName := pChar( ExeName );
  // the index of the first icon is 0, so lower iconindex by one.
 IconIndex := IconIndex -1;
  // now extract it.
 Image1.Picture.Icon.Handle := ExtractIcon( HInstance, pExeName, IconIndex);


HeapsterAuthor Commented:
ok that looks fine - thanks raymond.  
HeapsterAuthor Commented:
ok that looks fine - thanks raymond.  
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