2Modems In Win 98??????????

i heard that it is possible to have 2 modems in windows 98 and connect with both at the same time combining thier speed. i have 2 modems but there in only room for one modem on my motherboard? do i need a special motherboard and what program will i need also
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bobinmadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, Win98 supports the multilink protocol.

No, you do not need another mother board, For about $150 you can get the following on one slot:
SupraSonic II Dual Line Modem

   The SupraSonic® II with Shotgun™ technology integrates two 56K modems on one board for speeds of up to 112K! Plus, it's designed with the new 56K ITU standard (V.90) and K56flex for widespread ISP support. The SupraSonic II works over two ordinary phone lines to deliver this amazing speed without monopolizing the use of your second phone line. Featuring Voice Priority, the SupraSonic II "senses" incoming calls (voice, fax, etc.) and allows them to ring through on your second line. It also allows the user to manually release or add a second phone line to the Internet connection by simply clicking on a software button.

Obviously, you need 2 phone lines.

1) yes it can be done
2) only with 2 exactly the same modems that support this double feature.
3)You obviously need external modems..
4)Why not yust get ISDN much easier and costs less...
Vic54Author Commented:
bobinmad do i need the same modems or what???????and where does the supra modem plugin to on my motherboard
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