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Synchronizing vertical scrollbars

I have two JTables (each is contained in a JScrollPane).  The JTable on the left is fixed and I do not want to show the scrollbars, but the JTable on the right is not fixed and the scrollbars show if they are needed.  I want to be able to synch up the left JTable's vertical scrollbar with that of the right JTable's vertical scrollbar so that when the right table is scrolled vertically, the left table scrolls with it.  What is the best way to do this?  (Note:  keep in mind that the left table will never show a horizontal scrollbar but the right table may have a horizontal scrollbar if one is needed.)
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I think this does most of what you're looking for.

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;

public class ScrollFrame
      extends JFrame
      implements AdjustmentListener
      JScrollPane left = null;
      JScrollPane right = null;
      JScrollBar rightHorizontal = null;
      JScrollBar rightVertical = null;

      JScrollBar leftHorizontal = null;
      JScrollBar leftVertical = null;
      public static void main(String args[])
            JFrame f = new ScrollFrame();
      public ScrollFrame()
            JTextArea leftArea = new JTextArea(200, 200);
            JTextArea rightArea = new JTextArea(200, 200);
            left = new JScrollPane(leftArea);
            right = new JScrollPane(rightArea,
            leftHorizontal = left.getHorizontalScrollBar();
            leftVertical = left.getVerticalScrollBar();

            rightHorizontal = right.getHorizontalScrollBar();
            rightVertical = right.getVerticalScrollBar();


            Box box = Box.createHorizontalBox();
            setSize(400, 200);
      public void adjustmentValueChanged(AdjustmentEvent e)
            if (e.getSource() == leftHorizontal)
            else if (e.getSource() == leftVertical)


bjgAuthor Commented:
This will not do what I am looking for because the problem does not lie within when the right scrollpane's horizontal scrollbar is being scrolled, but the vertical scrollbar.  

If the right horizontal scrollbar is visible while scrolling the right vertical scrollbar, the rows do not always line up between the left table and the right table because the visible viewports are different sizes (because the right table's viewport has a horizontal scrollbar showing, but the left table's viewport does not show a horizontal scrollbar).  Therefore, I have to somehow look for this situation and correct it.  How can I do this?
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