Hi experts.

I am looking for recomendations about server hosting in north America. We are about to install a large web site in north America, and we need to compare the services and prices of the providers. The issues that are interesting for us are:
o Renting / buying of servers.
o On site administration services (installations, remote controling, backups, webmastering).
o Communications

What are the leading sevice providers in NA?

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GP1628Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Youre asking about the best out of thousands.
I would go to and do some searching.

Doing traceroutes can give you an idea of how far off the backbone they are. Doing a whois on them can tell you things like whether they themselves are just being hosted by someone. Also whether their primary and secondary DNS servers are both on machine sin their office (what a common joke that is nowadays)

The only specific I would offer up is one in Silicon Valley (California) called which is interesting to large international corporations because its owned and operated by a law firm instead of a computer store. :) They do alot of immigration law and international corporation law, and run an ISP. Especially Pacific Rim countrys. They even have a seperate Japanese Support division in the states cause apparently they got so much business from there.

I guess it depends on whether you figure your questions are going to be more of "how do I use my modem and software" on your machine or more international/internet stuff.
(depends on the kind of site you have planned also. some people I recommended this company to were scared off by the thought of having their ISP be lawyers  :)

That's a pretty open-ended question.  The best you're going to get is stories about good or bad experiences people have had.

There is no clear front-runner for ISP service.

A good place to start your search, though, is at microsoft's site.

They have a search engine for ISP's that support FrontPage.  Even if you're not using FrontPage, it will give you access to a lot of ISP's.

I found mine that way and I'm happy with them.
Do a dejanews search on "web hosting".

Remember, an ISP is a bit different than a Hosting service...
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You are looking for an IPP (Internet Presence Provider) not an ISP (Internet Service Provider). ISP provides actual access TO internet (T-1, Dialup, ISDN, DSL...)
I recommend

They have both NT and Unix options, and I have never once had my sites go down. I currently run 7 web sites for various companies all on vservers. 4 on NT and 3 on Unix.

Their prices aren't bad either... helluva lot cheaper than getting a leased line or DSL and building a server.
The choice is endless. Check around and browse. Sometimes if you find a small company to run it you get it for much less.If you need any help such as more suggestions or web page work. Let me knoww

- William
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