how to create a simple message ?

like this , i want to create 1 command botton and inside there is when the time the user press that botton, it will send a short message to the other terminal. let say from "A" pc to "B" pc. and for this the both pc will having a same program(the program that i create and i just want to include in facilities inside it).

i will create a 2 botton. 1 is for user to send message and the other is to read the message (this one is for internal).

please give me the code for it and step by step because i just new on vb 5.
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mannenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the Microsoft Winsock Control, which I think comes with VB5.

First, you use the "Winsock.Listen <port>" method on the Server (the one that will send the string).

Then use the "Winsock.Connect" method to connect to the server with a client.

To send some data, use the SendData method with winsock.

If you need code, I can send you some. Just give me your email address.

- Vidar Braut Haarr
  AmigoSoft Productions
JOHNHOAuthor Commented:
thanks, but you discribed itt in general way.
u got to tell me what did i got to put in the form , such as how many command control i need to put, whats control that i got to put and .............

so this is my email address .

please answer it step by step.

thanks a lot
JOHNHOAuthor Commented:
Well, I haven't got time to do that.

If you want, you can go this site for VERY much sample code.

Your problem is the one problem that has been made most samples of in the world (I think). If you need more information, just post a comment here, or mail me.

He has links to ALL the greatest VB sites in history, and also a great VB search-engine.

And.... if you find something, I would appreciate the 50 points. :)Thanks

- Vidar Braut Haarr
  AmigoSoft Productions
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