Min RH5.2 install

I have several PCs I want to install RH5.2 onto for a distributed processing project - however the pcs I have (mostly 486sx25) have hds ranging from 100 - 200Mb.  What do I need to do for such small installations?  I have done the pre-set workstation install on three systems with larger disks so far.  I only need to be able to telnet and ftp to these machine - they will not have a monitor or keyboard attached. They are connected by 3com lan cards.  
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guiyuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By examining the package description file on the RedHat 5.2 CD,

here are my packages suggestions for a minimal Install for the "Choose packages to install" phase

(indented ones need NOT be installed)

                 Printer Support
                 X Window System
                 Mail/WWW/News Tools
                 DOS/Windows Connectivity
                 File Managers
                 Graphics Manipulation
                 X Games
                 Console Games
                 X multimedia support
                 Console Multimedia
Networked Workstation (telnet ftp nfs-clients, etc. included here)
                 Dialup Workstation
                 News Server
NFS Server (only if you need to mount and share the Hard Disks of the min-clients)
                 SMB (Samba) Connectivity
                 IPX/Netware(tm) Connectivity
                 Anonymous FTP Server
                 Web Server
                DNS Name Server
                 Postgres (SQL) Server
Network Management Workstation (overlaps with
Networked Workstation, but install just to be on the safe side)
                TeX Document Formatting
                 Emacs (install if you use emacs on the clients)
                 Emacs with X windows
                C Development (install only if you will run gcc on the min-clients)
                Development Libraries
                C++ Development
                X Development
                Extra Documentation

well, on if you do not need Xwindows and desktop applications, 100-200 mb of ram are a lot of space.

leave away most of the things you won't need on EVERY machine, such as documentation/man-pages.

just install the minimal basic system and only telnet & ftp services.

you can try to do a "strip *" in every binary directory; this  will take away unnecesary debug information that gets generated, when compiling the application. i do not know exactly about rh5.2, but the older the distribution you install, the less space it will take. recently i saw, that the slackware 3.2 (the one i started with, wow!!) takes aproximatly 40-80 mb of diskspace for standard installations....

now it's up to you ;)
do you need XWindows?

If not, only install necessary prompt based Linux soft and networking. Forget about the rest.

Good luck
hellcrownAuthor Commented:
No I dont need xwindows - just telnet and ftp access
My inexperience means I dont know what is necessary and what is not - I have tried a few custom builds and none have worked for missing something :-(
Can someone tell me what itms I need to check to achieve the above?
the suggestion from guiyu seems reasonable.
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