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How do I set up an AGP card for use with Xwindows? I have a Diamond Fire Gl Pro 1000 AGP w/4MEG on a P2 300 system. I can get xwindows to run if i set it up using the monochrome driver. Xwindows will run in color for some reason but it seems like its in some 100 by 100 mode or something! If I try to use a SVGA server it just locks up. Any ideas?
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scottpalmerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't use the "standard" XF86_SVGA X-server with the Permedia II-based cards, such as the Fire GL 1000 Pro.

Use the XF86_3DLabs server, you should be able to just change the symbolic link to point to that server if you don't want to go through the setup process again.

That server comes with the current distribution of XFree86, Redhat 6.0, etc..  You can download it at

One thing you can try next time you've got Xwindow started in the low res color mode is to press <Crtl><Alt><+> simultaneously to see if there are other resolutions  available in your current configuration.
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