DB Open In LAN Become very SLOW

It take a long time (7-10 minutes) to open a DB over a LAN.
The DB Size is about 60 Meg.
This only in some computers.
In other PC (in the same LAN) it take only 1 minute;
If You press Ctrl+Alt+Canc "Access" appear locked (I can't see the standard menu); when you stop it with "End Task" , the second time open the DB very fast.

What Could Be ??


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Elad22Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If it is the same Database and if it is the same network than the problem is in the local computer and not in the network, which mean that you should try to remove all the Microsoft Office and install it again.
Slow NIC? Or a reference that can't be found?
Some things to try.

1) If your users have MS Outlook, turn of Journal logging of Access. This slows down opening.
2) Some anti-virus programs check the MDB on opening. This can slow down things very much. Turn of and see what happens.
3) Compile the database
4) Compact the database
5) Try to move tables into a second database and link them into the application MDB. For a database of this size, this is a great tip!

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To add to Trygve's comment, you may want to place queries and forms related to reports in a seperate mdb.  This too you could link to your tables.  This will shrink the size of the mdb used for inputting and will speed up the reports
I am not quite sure about Jobbas comment, Queries does not take very much space and forms and reports are difficult to access from another database. Could you tell us a bit more Jobba?
If database was culprit *ALL* stations would have trouble opening it.

Since you have some stations fast and some stations slow then it's either a LAN problem or a workstation problem.

Assuming that workstations are equivalent with no major differences in RAM, free disk, NIC speed, etc, then I'd be looking for a hardware problem with the NIC card, cabling, or hub.

If you have a "noisy" connect to the LAN you'll have a lot of "retry" packets. When you're only doing small things, the retry's happen so fast you never notice the delay. When you open a *large* file like the database the retry's start to pile up. This is especially true if you're on a *busy* segment. The retry's happen automatically and invisibly to the user other than things are s-l-o-w.

Anyway, this is most likely *NOT* a database issue as much as it is a hardware issue. Check the obvious such as LAN cable kinked or nicked, connectors loose at either end. Have LAN folx go into wiring closet and look at link lights on hub to see if COLLISSION light is on, etc. Have them run some file transfer speed tests (copy dir full of files and note start/stop time, divide file size by seconds and you'll get kb/s transfer rate.) Guess is that you'll find your slow stations have a problem.


merco76Author Commented:
LAN (and DB !) was OK until few days ago.
I've tried watching NetStat statistics about the packets over the LAN but they are OK.
The strange thing is that:
If I press Ctrl+Alt+Canc "Access" appear locked (I can't see the standard menu); when I stop it with "End Task" , the second time open the DB very fast (normal time).
Then when I try to shutdown Window95 I get the message "WM_QUERYENDSESSION" "DUP SUB DRVFN_SCANBOOTEXIT" error 1 (-2); this probably because with Ctrl+Alt+Canc the system can't kill the process very well; some seem to stay in memory...
For others:
- I can't compile the DB (it's still in development)
- The DB is compact every evening

You can compile the database anytime you want. You should compile the code every time you make a change. If you on the other hand choose the make a MDE and distribute this you can continue working on your MDB distributing new MDEs every time you have changes that are to be public. This will demand you tables to be in a separate MDB though (which is smart)
merco76Author Commented:
I think the problem isn't to compile the Mdb to MDE.
They were using the MDB since 1998;
Yes it wasn't fast, but not also too SLOW
You might want to run scandisk on that computer. Most likely a bad sector is developing (or already there) And when done perhaps throw in a defrag.

It would probably get quicker the second time because it got loaded in the cache the firts time. Starting every app is quicker the second time.
A few additional thoughts regarding the idea to seperate reports and like queries/forms:  Of course the data storage is the bulk of memory but if a large amount of reports and associated forms and queries the response time could be impacted.  For example, An mdb with 20 to 40 reports (or more) plus the queries and forms: If the reports are seperated on their own, the processing time obviously improves....while the same definitions rested in the master database responsed slower.  This is also reflective of the record count, number of users, and overall complexity.  
But splitting reports and forms will mean that the user will have to open and work with at least two different databases?
merco76Author Commented:
I have about 20 "Installation" of that DB, and only 2 PC can open it like once (about 1 minute); the others take about 7-10 minutes...
- Scandisk ??? Hmm...

- Maybe the references ? I have the Comctl32.OCX referenced and i have big problems with it ! I use the TreeControl for my stuff... Who could say wich version require my DB ??
I use the SP2's version, and as you could understand other versions make errors on string and date functions !
It is registered in Windows\System directory.

- Could be the System.mdw ?(I don't use access security so i use the Windows\System\system.mdw one)
I got it the other way. I thought just one PC was having trouble. Well that rules out scandisk.

But I suffered the same probblem once. In my case it was the references. Create a new empty mdb (on one of the slow starting computers) and import all objects from the original mdb. That way the references are linked so the slow PC(s) can find them.

Most of the time the references work fine. However sometimes they fall apart. Then it seems to work a bit but really odd errors occur. Usually string and date operations start to fail, but other unexpected problems can occur as well.
If you have a suggestion that might (but very well might not) help then it is a custom on EE to post it as a comment.

In this case it is already established that the problem is in several PC's. Reinstalling Office on all computer might help though, but it would be something of a last resort.

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