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how to download an entire directory structure of a site using a Linux command i.e that a command in Linux is capable to do it. like the "BlackWidow" software is capable to download the entire site this comand can do the same.?
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axarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's a command named "wget" that does exactly what you want don't ask me in what package it is in a particular distribution but I guess you'll be able to find it since as far as I know it's included in all distro's.

Do you mean from command line or FTP? (or via another means?)
tiwariAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Hey!! Most people do an FTP and then tar the entire directory on the server via ftp session itself , zip it and download it and then untar it and unzip. Kya re thoo bhi!!!!!
Hey, evansnf most people don't understand links if they think it will always work that way.
Problem is a lot of sites for instance that of Microsoft (who wants to download their site) uses files (for pics mainly) that are in directory above the one in which the page is for using them in a lot of pages/sites.
So it's better to use a program like wget wich traces all the links unless you have a T1 and a lot of space!

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