ASP Variable scope

Is a session variable specific to a user, or is it specific to a user within an application?

We've got some issues with making an app browser-independent on an Intranet, and we want to know if we can put some detail into variables rather than running client-side script (which Netscape doesn't understand)
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siabodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A Session variable is a global variable which is referable from all open web browser at that time, so when you close ALL your web browsers then the variable will be disposed.
radteamAuthor Commented:
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I was under the impression that a session variable was user specific.

That way someone could log in (like in a bank app) and maintain state without using cookies.

I know that when a user accesses a site, IIS generates a session id unique to that session.  The way I understood it is that you (a user) could have session info stored on the server that no one else could access.
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To my knowledge:
The session is active as long as you have browser windows open. The session is user spesific so that my session is not available for you. This means that you don't have to worry about several users being logged on at the same time.
Trygve, agreed.

Except that I think you can expire a session even if the browser window is open.
Yes, true. You set up the sessions "time of life" to a reasonable value. Typical example 15-20 minutes.
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