Frontpage 2000 update error

The upgrade process to FrontPage 2000 froze near the end (on a Windows NT 4.0 workstation); however after rebooting, the program still worked. But, now I have a problem when starting several other programs (Sidekick for one), giving a RASMAN.DLL error.

Also, same occurred on my Win 95 Dell 90 MHz workstation. Froze before completion, but Frontpage still works. But, now I can't use Microsoft Outlook Express on that machine.

Anyone experience these problems?

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KarthikriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The cause for these problems is not only FrontPage 2000.  Such things might happen when you try to install some New Softwares and that particular software tries to overwrite some of your existing DLL's and so on.  When you installed FP 2000, the files got overwritten and some of ur orthodox applications wasn't able to load with these files modified by FP.  As far as ur Outlook Express is concerned, just re-install outlook Express after taking a backup of the \Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express folder so that you save ur existing mails you've already downloaded.
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