Auditing a User

I need to monitor a user at my company to make sure they are not sending the wrong thing to the wrong persons.
Currently we use Outlook Express with an isp for email, but are migrating to Exchange and Outlook98.
What I need is her outgoing email, for instance bcc-ing her supervisor when she sends mail without her knowing. Awful thing to resort to I know. But can it be done somehow?
Thanks for the help.
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brondiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MS Exchange 5.5 SP1 and above has the ability to achive messages sent / received for investigation at a later time.

(I believe there are legal issues behind this procedure though that require certain policies to be made public before hand.)

Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Using the Exchange administrator, you can look into the users' mailbox, just add an admin to the users who have access to the mailbox. Start a client as admin and create a profile for the user in question. You'd have to check the 'sent items' folder to view sent mail. If the user keeps copies, you could see them but if the user is suspicous, he or she might be smart. What you also could do is check any personal folder files the user created, on homedrive or workstation.

You option about BBC-ing would not work because the user can enable the BCC field and see what's happening.

The best solution would be to capture all mail at the Exchange server somehow. What you could do there is add an alternate recipient (admin) to which incoming mail for that user is sent as well (delivery options, user properties screen).
jagoodieAuthor Commented:
Yes, incoming mail is not a problem, but getting outgoing mail before it is deleted is my issue.
i hate dealing with stuff like this.
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Exchange Server can control recovery of deleted items. I think the default is 1 day but you can set if whatever you want. Then use the information others above have given you to look into the users mailbox and recover deleted items.
Select the private information store properties and under the General tab you can set this.
If she is conscientious, recovering the deleted items will fail since the user can purge the items from the dumpster on the Exchange server with no problem.

Are you going to Exchange 5.5? If so, you may be able to do something with server scripts to catch outbound messages and make copies of them to your bosses mailbox. I don’t think you will be able to do anything if she is still on OE.

If you set up a rule, then the BCC will probably be visible to her if she looks at the message in her sent items folder. And, of course, the rule itself would be visible if she views her set of rules.

jagoodieAuthor Commented:
not exactly the answer i was hoping for, but good enough.
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