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I have installed SNMP daemon on my machine and now I want to monitor the Perfromance of my Linux Server using SNMP, But when I Browse OID Tree, there is no object through which I can have statistics related to system.How can I configure it to generate that objects..
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nirsimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Vipin,

  MIB stands for Management Information Base. It's a database that is constructed from all the definitions and SNMP capable devices on your linux box. I hadn't installed SNMP on a linux machine for a long time now, but as far as I can recall, I needed to write my own MIB, meaning alot of hard work and serious digging into the docs of your hardware and software.
  Here are a few MIB basics. A MIB supports 5 major functions: GET, GET NEXT, SET, SET NEXT and TRAP. GET reads data from a specific SNMP capable device according to given parameters, GET NEXT gets the next capable SNMP information from the same device. SET and SET NEXT are the same idea, only they set values, and don't read them. TRAP is interesting, you can send TRAP signals to your SNMP capable device, and thus cause it to react with certain pre-programmed features, at least that's what I used to do with Chipcom Switching Hubs.
  But be aware of the following, opening SNMP on a linux machine can cause serious security breaches, unless you define the correct access tables for the SNMP, and even then not all leaks are closed. A small example of an SNMP breach, is in CISCO routers. If you were to attack a wrongfully configured CISCO router, with SNMP requests, you would utilize the CPU of the router upto 100%, and thus rendering it unusable.
  This is the best information I can provide you with, hope this helps in some way.

  Nir Simionovich
  Linux-IL Member
  Artnet Experts Ltd.
what SNMP daemon...!? generaly unix-like systems run sendmail for that purpose...
vipin072998Author Commented:
I consider Linux Machine as Black Box on which SNMP Service is running. Now my printer is also connected to this machine.Now I want to monitor devices or resources connected to this box thro Manager Software installed on Windows NT platform. Now how do I get information pertaining to HOST Resources ? How do I configure it?
Hi Vipin,

  Well, you got me stumpped there, as I really don't remember how to do that. Sorry.

vipin072998Author Commented:
Hi Nir,
Thanks a lot for your prompt reply on this issue. I will be obliged if you can take some pain and let me update with whom I can Contact to get this information.

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