I want to GetCmdLine!

How do I write the code to get the command line when I run an .exe file?
I have tried with GetCmdLine procedure but I cant get it to work. Here is the code:
class TTestApp : public TApplication {
         static string& cmdLine;
    TTestApp() : TApplication() {}
    void InitMainWindow();
string& TTestApp::cmdLine = GetCmdLine();
MessageBox(cmdLine, "", MB_OK);

I want to print the cmdLine in a MessageBox!
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KangaRooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
string& TTestApp::cmdLine = GetCmdLine();
MessageBox(cmdLine.c_str(), "", MB_OK);

You cannot simply convert a string object to a char*, you need strings member function c_str() to return a C-style char* string.
bert1Author Commented:
MessageBox((const char*)TTestApp().cmdLine, "", MB_OK);

This dont give me the right string ... I got like X*y

I need help!
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