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PCI controller wont go away

I have installed new drivers for the PCI hard disk controller - however the old ones wont go away - saying they can't be removed as they're dependent on the new one. Is there any way to get rid of them? They're causing all sorts of conflicts on startup. Is it better just to reinstall windows?
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What about removing them when you are in safe mode?
You can try to disable the PCI controllers you don't want in your hardware profile if they show up in your device manager.  If they don't, sometimes it's easier to just re-install instead of spending hour troubleshooting PCI problems.

Hope this helps.
What´s the configuration of your machine
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yungAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I just wondered if any one had a magic bullet for it...just reinstalling?
Re: disabling/removing them in safe mode - that's the only mode I can get into windows with anyway -, and that's exactly where the problem is - I can't diable or remove them because the ones I don't want each say they are dependent on something else, but it doen't say what. Very frustrating.

The config of the machine - gigabyte m'board with dual pci controllers, and a UDMA HDD and CD drive master/slaved on one.

Any other hints? Otherwise I'll just do the reinstall.
Can you remove the correct ones and then update the drivers on the ones which you can't remove.

I.e. Instead of installing a 2nd set of PCI Contoller(s) you should have updated the existiing one.
yungAuthor Commented:
Yes, that's what I mean when I say "installed new controller" - updated the one that was there. That's when all hell broke loose - as the other "children" parts didn't update, you can't update them individually, and now I can't get rid of them so Windows can find them itself and install the updated driver. Is it possible to get rid of the current controller while windows is running - wont it crash without a hdd controller? If I can get rid of everything and restart - plug & pray should do the rest...or not...
I'd try redetecting hardware if it will let you from safe mode otherwise you're looking like a reisntall of the OS
Are any of them Intel Bus Master drivers?

To remove the devices that you are referring to you need to go and edit the registry.

1. Click on Start
2. Click on Run
3. Type "regedit"  without quotes
4. Click on Registry when the registry editor comes up
5. Click on export registry file
6. Click save
7. Click on the + next  to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
8. Click on the + next to Enum
9. Click on the + next to MF
10. Under MF you should see CHILD0000, and CHILD0001
11. Highlight CHILD0000 by clicking on it once
12. Hit the delete key on your keyboard and then say yes to delete it.
13. Do the same for CHILD0001
14. Click on the + next to System
15. Click on the + next to CurrentControlSet
16. Click on the + next to Services
17. Click on the + next to Class
18. Click on the + next to hdc
19. You will see three entries under hdc delete them all the same way that you deleted the two child devices
20. Click on My computer
21. Click on "edit"
22. Click find
23. Type "NOIDE"
24. Delete it if it finds it
25. Restart the computer and reload the bus master drivers that you updated to.


right click my compter
select properties
select device manager tab
double click hard drive controllers
delete all that si inside that catagry
restart windows
Go into device manager again and into hard drive controlers
double click on the primary ide controler
select driver tab
click update driver button
select new driver
repeat for the two other entries
if problem happens again forget the new driver

Now, you have two hard disk.
One setup to Master, another setup to Slave.
New one setup to Master, then the old one setup to slave.
How to setup ? Hard disk show the setting on the label.
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