NT Server to Mac Server

Our small office would like to change back to a Mac Server after going to a NT server a couple of years ago.  The Mac Server was just so much easier for our operation.  What is the best way for this to be done? Can Windows machines access a Mac Server?
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes windows machines can see a mac server as long as theyre running the right software. You will probably need something like PCMacLan for the PCs. Unless of course youre using MacOSX Server on the mac server. In that case its essentially Unix and the PCs should have no problem seeing that.

Glad to see people are starting head towards the light!
PinchotAuthor Commented:
Just so that I understand it clearly - all I need to do is get a Mac drive put it on our ethernet network drag all the files over to the new drive get this PCMacLan and install it on the Mac. Thanks.
No...Install PCMacLan on the PCs..the macs can see everything anyway and dont need extra software...and you wont need PCMacLan if yer using OSXServer on the Mac server.
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