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Creating a Master Makefile for use with nmake

Can someone please tell me how to create a Makefile to be used with Visual C++ nmake utility that includes a list of Makefiles?  In other words, how to create a parent Makefile.
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hougaardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just call NMAKE from your master makefile to the others...

Another way is just to make a BAT file that calls nmake for all makefiles !?!
gumtowvAuthor Commented:
My question is what are the rules that you would include in the parent Makefile?
You will just have to call NMAKE (perhaps @NMAKE) from within your makefile.. There is no makefile<->makefile releationship stuff here... Remember makefile where born on Unix where there is a lot of scripting so a big project was offen scripted around a series of makefiles
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