Can AutoCAD & VB work together..?

I'm actually a student at a local university in Malaysia and are doing major in Computer science ?
I'm doing a project to design a building information system using GIS approach. I wanted to draw the building plan using AutoCAD and store the information using Microsoft SQL or Access database. My Interface would be in VB forms.
I started to use VB about 3 month ago and I'm still learning to use it.
My Question is it's possible for me to do it the way I have just mention it ? If can , please give me some guildlines.
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s_lavieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can the SendKeys function (just "send a key" to AutoCad).
Or you may run an AutoCad script from VB.
From AutoCAD Release 14 it has VBA built into it, so you can comunicate directly with Access from AutoCAD
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