Increase RAM and Speed Up the Computer

I hear that there is a program that can increase your RAM (example 12 MBytes to 130MBytes) and of course this will increase the computer speed. And i see it before, but i forget the application name. (I test it with x86-486DX2-50 and the speed of running programs equals to PENTIUM 233)
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TXShamanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There used to be a program sold years ago called RAMDoubler.  It was strictly software and it basically was setup your harddrive to act as cache space.  Although it did work, it wasn't the best solution and Win98 and NT now have caching/Virtual Memory built-in.  

There was another similar program called Stacker which supposedly did the same thing.  There were some performance increases (on 386 and 486 machines), but not the kinds of results that you would want.

The only way to increase RAM and speed up the PC is to buy additional RAM. Software can increase your RAM by using disk space, but hard disks are a lot slower than RAM so you won't gain speed. If you can find a program that makes a 486-DX50 run like a true P233, you have a miracle in your hands !!! :-)

the only thing that can speed up the PC could be caching, you can enable this in the BIOS. Still, no P233 performance here!

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ichenAuthor Commented:
I show it my self!!
if such a program would exist, Intel, AMD and Cyrix/NS would be out of business ...
You are probably referring to one of the following programs:

1) SoftRAM
2) RAM Doubler
3) Hurricane
4) MagnaRAM (by Quarterdeck)

All of these programs claim to work with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.  Be forewarned however about SoftRAM.  There is a site, accessible via Hotbot, that reports SoftRAM is a bust.  Despite manufacturer's claims it did absolutely nothing.  Most of these programs rely upon using hard disk space to work or they manipulate (under Windows 3.1) the resource heap to boost your computer's speed.  I seriously doubt however it is in the magnitude that you claim.  How did you benchmark the system?  But hey, it's your dime.  Spend it anyway you like.
ichenAuthor Commented:
But this programs can raise your memory from 12MB to 130MB... and in 486DX-50 with 12MB memory, can load Office 97 only for 5 second or less...
were you doing drugs when you supposedly ran across this program?  NO SUCH THING...otherwise There would absolutely be NO NEED FOR HARDWARE RAM.  Now ask yourself why you haven't seen the program in stores?  Oh yah, only Area51 has that software to increase your RAM...maybe it leaked out and that's how you saw it!! Awesome, send it my way too!
These programs do not have such a speed increase as you say, in fact, many of them actually slow down the computer and just say that you've got more RAM.
Does it also get rid of all GPF's and such?
RAMdoubler is for the Mac.

Stacker is a DISK space doubler.

MaddMax has the "memory multipliers" for the Windows side listed, and PC Magazine had tested them. NONE came close to their claims.

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