What is difference???????

What is differences that exist in different muliuser os like Unix, Linux, Sun OS, HP-Ux, D-Ux, Open VMS, os/2 etc??
I don't want the answer for the above question in terms of syntax??
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as in all things, there is no best. only Pros and Cons.
Alot of your answers would be the same for any os that you know. What are the differences in the different MAC os's or the Windows os's or manufacturers versions of DOS's, etc

Unix is basically open and free for anyone to use and build upon. Some versions were developed which was alittle happier with certain hardware configurations. Some are happier with multi-users. Some are happier doing high-end intensive applications.

If you use a free unix like BSD then you are in a more generic environment and many things that say it refers to just "unix" will work in that os.

On the other hand something like SCO can cost 10's of thousands of dollars. It has many pretty menu tools and many ported softwares that are common to users of other systems (such as word perfect, word, foxbase, lotus, etc). Becoming an expert in SCO unix will be useful but chances are you wont be all that expert in "unix" and would be lost on other systems.

Knowing what the end purpose is can help choose. Knowing what hardware can help. After that its the basic guru question. Do you want more eas of use? Or more learning potential (aka irritation aka experience)
Unix is a multi-user system which was developped by USL (Unix System Laboratories) , part of ATT.
it was an open system free distributed, also the sources .
it was so free and open , it was cloned by several developpers, like SCO, Berkeley, and alson IBM ....
so is now in proprietary configuration, and systems are not compatibles (or so few),
and the names can be called *IX (unIX, aIX....) (we can say today *X)
while, others multi process have been developped, most differents, like OS2.

Is sufficent as explanation?
you can contact me at jeanpierre.bedot@francetelecom.fr

It seems to me that the answer given is pretty Unix centric.  The question was for multiuser OS', not just Unix.  That means you have to talk about at least about VMS, MVS, and Multi-User NT (i.e., Terminal Edition and Citrix) in addition to *X.  BTW, OS/2 is not multi-user.
True. And again with alittle more info on the end proposal they might even be suggested. Such as; few users and low cost I might mention linux. Being used for a dedicated purpose such as mail server, or a game  server, or an intranet, etc (but not all at once) and ease of administration is a factor then I might recommend NT.
If a dedicated web server for a single corporation was the project and security was a factor then I might recommend a MAC. Everything has its Pros and Cons, its arenas where it can excell.

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