Unit ??? Implicity imported into package ????

I'm very new at writing components

I am writing a component make some calls to a dll file. It contains a lot of stuctures wich i would like to place in a file for it selv, but i get this error message , If i chose not to register as a Componentit and use it as a standard unit it works fine ???
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MadshiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanx for the points...   :-)

Normally you should not ignore Delphi's warnings, because they often help finding errors. But when writing components, I think, there are a lot of nonsence warnings. Don't know why...

Regards, Madshi.
Is it really an *error* message? I get these messages, too. But with my components I only get *warnings*, which I simply ignore...   :-)

Regards, Madshi.
i also get this all the time and just ignore it.
it is as madshi said only a warning not a error.
although i suppose technically a warning means a error somewhere but dont worry about it :-)
kwang080897Author Commented:
ok - Thanks !

Will one of you submit an answer

hi kwang,
i ignore this message also, if it appears.
(the first should answer -> madshi)
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