External Jaz drive using Iomega Traveler driver ??

I am going to stop by to help a friend install a used Jaz drive that uses a small adapter on the printer port. The adapter is made by Iomega and is called a Traveler.

The question is: Are the Jaz Drivers supplied by Iomega all that is needed to install this Jaz drive using this Iomega Traveler SCSI to Printer Port adapter?  Will a standard DB25M to DB25F cable work between the adapter and the PC?
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WakeupConnect With a Mentor Specialist 1Commented:
Jaz Drivers should be sufficent.  The traveler is a SCSI to Parallel convertor basically....not quite..but in essence is.  Standard DB25M to DB25F should work.  The jazz drive is SCSI on one end...so you need to use the Jazz cable that was supplied or a another scsi cable similar to it then hook that to the traveler.  the only thing in question is if the DB25 cable will lesson the signal going out to the PC...?  that I dont know....

joe_massiminoAuthor Commented:
Actually, I found out the hard way, went to the guys house and went to plug it in. I didn't open the package because I told the guy the drive was new, which it was. If I opened it, it was used no matter what I said. I found that I need a SCSI-2 high den. cable to connect the drive to the adapter. I'm betting that the adapter has to go directly on the PC to minimize noise, and signal degradation.  Thanks for the reply.
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