Linked Office documents don't launch app

When I create a link on a web page to an Office document, like a Word doc, when browsed in IE, the documet opens in the browser window instead of launching the full Word app and loading the docuement into that. How can I create the link so the full app is launched?
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mouattsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way that you are going to be able to do this is to remove the association between the word and the mime-type application/msword (or Excel and application/ Then when the document is downloaded you wil be prompted for open or save it. Chosing save will allow you to specify Word (excel) and run the full program.

To remove the association you must edit the file-type within _Windows_ Explorer.

So far as passing the document back again this depends on whether you have a publish option available within the relevent program.

The downside of this is that when you view a word document it will always try and download it.

To be honest you might find it more beneficial to utilise ftp to pass the file in both directions.

ajwnet: I just reread your comment and I'm afraid that if you are not using a web server to access the file then what I said above won't work for you as IE looks at the file extensions when loading as a file and that can't be overridden unless you remove the association between excel and .xls.

Question of curiosity:

Is there a particulary reason you want to open the Word doc in a separate window?  I ask because, in reality, a Word doc which is opened via a link actually opens a full copy of Word within the browser window.  Only real downside I can see is screen real estate (i.e., you have both the browser menus/toolbars and the Word menus/toolbars).

I think the only way to stop this would be to dissociate the .doc extension from Word or set the link up using another protocol (I would guess either FTP or FILE).

I have somewhat successfully achieved this on my PWS by making an ftp link to a document, so that is a possibility.

davidjacobsAuthor Commented:
Yes,if you make it an ftp I have no doubt that it would just download, but I can't use ftp. I have tried making it a file:// link and it does not help.

Reason I need to do this is I am actually wanting to edit and save the document back to the web server. When I do this with the document open in the web browser, it will not save back. If I can open in the Word as a separate app I beleive it will save. Also, you don't get all the application functions in the browser window, you get a subset. I need full functionality.

I may be wrong, but...

The only way you will get it to save back to the server is if you have a drive mapped to the server on the client machine.  Opening it in a 'full' version of Word will not allow you to save it back to the server.  You might be able to do something with posting the document back to the server, but that's another story.

As far as features go, my understanding is that a document opened in the browser is actually invoking an instance of Word inside the browser.  All functionality should be available, but my experience is that you will need to 'look' for it.

Have the same prob david - see unanswered "Open Excel file in Excel from HTM based hyperlink?" posted in MS Office section for 100 points. Agree, functionality in Word and Excel is missing, particularly when using split views in windows and sheets, and macros. However, my NT4 intranet server is not running HTTP service, but like you, my file://filename links also open files in the IE4 browser window and not in the 'real' window, even though an Excel object is launched in the background. Looks like whoever comes up with the answer will get your 50 + my 100 points...
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