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Problem installing Internal 56K modem

   i've got an internal modem 56k.  I cannot get it to work properly under redhat linux 6.0 (i386).  Now - firstly i HAVE gotten it to work before under linux IF i manually set the jumpers on it - but this is NOT acceptable.  Right now i'm in winwank - and the modem is set to PNP and works fine.  I need to use PNP (which i've been told i can do) in linux to work - becuase most people use this machine for winwank stuff.

so - anyone can tell me how to get it to work (UNDER PNP) in linux.

not sure if this helps, but this is what winwank says it is *using* right now -:

com3, I/O Range 03E8-o3EF, Interrupt Request 12.
the modem is a dynalink internal 56K (www.dynalink.com.au).

If would forever be in your dept if this can work ..
Thank you kindly.
1 Solution
- The standard way is to do a pnpdump of your pnp modem card into a file
         pnpdump > pnpfile.txt

- then edit it to select the correct resources (IRQ 12), renaming the file to

- pass the file through isapnp (this line is already in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit, so just get the /etc/isapnp.conf file right))
         isapnp /etc/isapnp.conf

I don't have any experience in configuring a PNP modem using isapnp, but you can do a search on www.deja.news on "isapnp" "modem" do see if others have tried.
other resources:
       man isapnp.conf
       man pnpdump
try typing in the prompt:
"locate pnp"
and see what shows up ...
send me the results so I can give you further instructions...

You could also try to change the behaviour of your BIOS. Enter BIOS by rebooting and holding DEL and look for "PNP OS". You can answer yes or no to it. Try using yes. Or if it was already on yes, try no.


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