MCSD trakc (need guidence)

Hi friends.
I want to do MCSD (with visual c++ options). Can any one tell me, who did MCSE before, that would it be sufficient enough to read a book on visual c++ and then appear in the papers and clear it.
I have seen topics (headings) on the Microsoft web site, which would be comming in the papers.

Please help me out.

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TryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am currently studying for my MCSD and can tell you that just reading up on a particular topic, will most definitely NOT be enough to let you pass an exam.  The exam tests more than just knowledge of the technical subject.  It tests your ability to recognize and understand real life problems that can be solved with technical tools; when and where you'd use such tools and how you'd apply them towards a solution.

The exam tests your cognitive, creative and critical thinking abilities.  It first outlines a problem a company may be having, then introduces you to the different players, along with the impact the problem might be having on each of them.  It continues by informing you what each person would like to receive as a result of the solution and the timeliness involved in obtaining such a solution.  IOW, the whole scenario is laid out before you, and you are now in charge of bringing into existence, a solution.

Such kinds of skill you cannot get from just reading a book.  You must have some practical experience (actually, quite a lot of practical experience), and you must know how to research and analyze problems, and know how to quickly lay out a plan leading up to their solutions based on both practical and technical skills.

Just reading a book will absolutely, definitely NOT let you pass the exam, simply because you will not be tested only on your technical knowledge of the subject, but on HOW you propose bringing several other skills together in solving a problem.
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