Bios upgrade for otto motherboard?

I have an Otto mainboard, #VT586TX, I can't seem to find any specs on this. Would like to upgrade my harddrive & would like to know, depending on the size I upgrade to, if I need to upgrade my bios. Am running windows 98. Would appreciate info on this & if there's a web site I could have gotten the specs for my motherboard from? Thanks to anyone who could help me with this.
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JefLarsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should NOT have to be worrying about upgrading your BIOS unless there is a specific issue or problem.

Virtually ALL Pentium class TX/VX bios's support at least 8G per drive.
Choosing a hard drive therefore becomes easy. In some rare cases, only 2G is supported.

Since you are already running W98, then are there any SYSTEM parts not working? Look in the Device Manager.
If all the chipset parts are working, then just jump for it.
If the drive cannot partition beyond 2G and you cannot find support for this board, then by all means dump this board for a supported one. Who needs the hassle?

When you cold-boot the computer,
is a "BIOS-ID" displayed, e.g., '430VX-NS306-XXY1234' ?
mb14Author Commented:
Hi Otta,
Knew I was forgetting one little detail. Bios version 4.5. There is also one other place where it says version 01A. Hope this helps w/your answer. You sure were quick w/responding.
waiting for a response.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Who makes the BIOS?  Award?  AMI?  Someone else?

See this web site for some information and a program to hopefully tell you exactly what BIOS you are using, including version and chipset used.

mb14Author Commented:
Great answer JefLar!! Short, Sweet & right to the point. Everything in device manager is fine.
Thank You,
> Hope this helps w/your answer.

It helps, slightly, but the string I was expecting
was *much* longer than just '4.5' or '01A'.

Anyway, you've already accepted an answer,
i.e., spend money rather than downloading
the "free" BIOS-update, so it doesn't really matter,
unless you need an updated BIOS for some specific reason,
e.g., to boot from an internal ZIP-drive.
mb14Author Commented:
Thanks Otta,
I just wanted to try & be sure that a bios upgrade was something I wouldn't have to worry about. I'm only planning on adding probably an 8.4 gb drive. (can't afford much else.) Sorry I didn't give you all the info you really needed, alot of things came up last week & I was almost brain dead. Thanks Again!! Maybe we can connect in the future.
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