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  I have two 'sets' of links on a page I am doing, and want each of the sets to have their links be a different color. Is there any way I can do this, or am I screwed because you can't define link colors outside of the <body> tag? Thank you...
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MasseyMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do this:

<A HREF="link1.htm"><FONT COLOR="red">link set 1</FONT></A>
<A HREF="link2.htm"><FONT COLOR="red">link set 1</FONT></A>
<A HREF="link3.htm"><FONT COLOR="red">link set 1</FONT></A>

<A HREF="link4.htm"><FONT COLOR="blue">link set 2</FONT></A>
<A HREF="link5.htm"><FONT COLOR="blue">link set 2</FONT></A>
<A HREF="link6.htm"><FONT COLOR="blue">link set 2</FONT></A>

That will do it for you and will override your BODY LINK colors...
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