How i setup bleem cd-key

pls let me know how I setup bleem cd-key - when I run the bleem program I see message saying (insert cd-key) .. How?
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burrathaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to purchase the CD from the webpage, however I believe that it is now being sold in shops in the US.

The program scans the CD drives for the original bleem! cd when it first starts, and then spits it out and asks for a playstation disk. You don't then need the original CD until the next time you run the program.

I`m not familiar with that particular program(I know it`s a PSX emulator;), but
doesn`t a dialoque-box popup for you to enter a serial#? A "CD-key" is usually
a serial# or registration# that needs to be entered. Is it looking for a floppy-disk
with the number on it? I`m assuming you HAVE the serial or registration number?
burratha is right!
The program has been written to check the CD drive for the Bleem CD. Each Bleem CD has a serial number burnt into the tracks, and is not obvious, apparently.
The CD is the copy protection. As long as the Cd is in the CD drive when Bleem is started, it will run and then ask you to put in a playstation game.
Buy it - its worth it.
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