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ESS sound card Conflict

I am using a ESS1869 sound card system.  In my device manager, the Sound, video and game controller lists the following:

     ES 1869 Control Interface
     ES 1869 Plug and Play AudioDrive
     Gameport Joystick
     Wave Device for Voice Modem

There is a yellow exclamation mark through the Wave Device for Voice Modem.

I have downloaded the most recent driver and installed it.  I have even deleted all the above mentioned sound devices and have windows recognize them again.  However, this conflict is not going away.  I suspect this is causing other problems as my voice software eg media talk keep saying that "no modem is detected"

Any other suggestion??

1 Solution
I don't know what version of Windows you have, so I can't be more precise. The file in question that needs to get fixed is serwave.vxd (which will go into your windows\system directory). The installation file which controls it is serwave.inf (in windows\inf directory). If you have 98, install/run sfc.exe (system file checker). Follow the prompts--sfc will put the file(s) in the correct places.

Let us know how it turns out.

cpalacioAuthor Commented:
Hi there

First let me say thanks for your assistance..  I am currently running win 95.  Please let me know what I need to do to correct this problem in win 95.  

I am not an expert so please detail the solution for an average computer user.  

Thanks again.

cpalacioAuthor Commented:
I found the serwave.inf file but what do I do next?

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First, get the name, model number and manufacturer of your modem from your documentation, or the Modems icon of Control Panel,  or Device Manager

go to Device Manager
Go to the problem device
Go to the Driver Tab
Click Update Driver
Click next
Click Display a list of all the drivers etc. radio button
Click next
If your modem maker is listed under Manufacturers, find the correct company entry and click on it
Select Voice Modem Serial Wave Device (or words to that effect)
Click next
(If Windows has the INF file on the hard drive, you'll get a dialog box saying it has found it, where it has found it, and asking you to Click Next to install the device) [If not, it will prompt you to insert a floppy or CD-ROM.]

...Otherwise, click on Have disk
On the Install from disk, click Browse
Go to the directory where the serwave.inf file is located
(You may have to type the full path
C:\Windows\Inf\serwave.inf) and click OK

Follow the prompts

Hope this helps


cpalacioAuthor Commented:
hey ron

How do I grade you to give you your A?  It seem to have worked.  


cpalacioAuthor Commented:
OK the celebration was premature.

When I restarted the computer, I now do see two files, LTMODEM.VXD and vmm32.vxd being threaded together.

HOWEVER, windows is saying it found a new device and is now attempting to install the same device again.  I went through the procedure again and windows continues to install new copies of the same device again.  Everytime I start the machine, it is recognizing the device all over as if it doesnt recognize the previously installed one.  So now there are four listed wave device for voice modem.

please help again.

First, go to Device Manager and remove all the entries for the Wave Device for Serial Modem.

The next part involves a little Registry editing. You need to be careful, as it is possible to mess things up to the point where Windows won't start. This is a caution you will see on *every* tech support Web page that involves Registry editing as part of a fix.

I've done many Windows 95 and 98 Registry edits over the past two years with no problems, to include a variant on what I am about to ask you to do. Follow the steps, and you'll do fine.

1. Start Registry Editor [Start Menu, Run, regedit <Enter> ]
2. Navigate to HKey_Local_Machine\Enum\Modemwave
3. Click on the Modemwave folder in the left pane, press the Delete key, and click on Yes at the subsequent dialog box.
4. Close Registry editor
5. Reboot Windows. It should try to reinstall the Wave Device (prayerfully just once this time <smile>)

Ah the joys of Plug and Play (pardon my sarcasm)

Take care

cpalacioAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, the same result is occurring.  Everytime it is recognizing a new one.

I have a friend with the exact computer like mine.  Is there anything I can get from him that could probably help?

Thanks, again

Modem wave devices are either from the modem maker or from the WIN default drivers files. WIN95 is really brain dead in this area.

The only way I know to fix this in '95 is to get the original modem driver set.
The modem driver set should have a MDMWAVE.INF or similar file.
After that, things get messy.

First try: (assumes modem driver set is avail)
You nuke all the current wave modem devices.
Then update the modem driver using the disk. This should install the correct modem wave drivers.

Second try:
Nuke all the wave modem thingy's.
Go to ADD NEW Hardware.
Decline the auto-scan/detect (auto-defect)
Choose OTHER from list.
Put your diskette in and try pointing to the WAVE.INF file.

Best bet: upgrade to 98.

(This is meant as a simple overview to an effort to correct a problem, and doesn't mean to be a comprehensive solution.)
There's a step missing here: you'll have to delete the two .BIN files (these comprise the driver database - will force Windows to build a new one) in \Windows\Inf BEFORE you load the new wave .inf file;which should come from the modem manufacturer's installation disk.By the way - what make/model modem is it?
cpalacioAuthor Commented:
My modem is a CTX press 56 k
cpalacioAuthor Commented:
Delete all Modem driver files and the INF file for your modem from your hard disk.
Take your modem driver disk and copy all files ending with .inf to your windows
inf directory ( c:\windows\inf). Next go to control panel and remove all entries
under device manager for Modems, and under Sound Cards, remove the modem
wave device listings. Next make you a directory on your hard disk called:
C:\Modem.   Then open regedit under windows. In regedit select HKEY_Current
User_ Installation Location MRU.  Make a key in the installations section called
"C:\Modem". Exit regedit, close everything down normally and re-boot you

On re-boot Windows 95 will claim to have found New hardware and then list the
name of your modem. Direct windows to the Driver location of: C:\Modem.

Next Windows 95 will claim to have found your Modem Wave Device, when
asked for location of drivers, direct windows to the loaction of C:\Modem.

In every case that I have tried this has cured the above problem of yours.
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