won't power up

  I just picked up a PC out of scrap at work. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't ( If it doesn't, I don't lose anything, I could just use some of the extras that were in it) When I hook it up, hit the power button, NOTHING.
No sound, no lights, no fans moving, Nothing. I switched the power supply for a known good one, did a continuity test on the switch, unplugged components, still nothing.
  Could it be the mother board (ASUS P/I-XP6NP5)? I checked all the jumper settings and they seem fine. It has a Pentium Pro 200mhz processor, Whatever you need to know just ask. What can I try next.
Thanx in advance,
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GtristConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are sure that you have a good power supply, remove all add on cards so you only have the motherboard with memory, the  system speaker, and the power supply and power it on. You should at least get the normal post code beeps for your particular bios, if the motherboard is functional. If you don't get normal post codes then you have a motherboard or memory problem. Try replacing the memory in this situation to see if that will buy you anything.
If the post codes are normal with the above setup, then add on a video card to see if you are able to at least get some video display. If all is normal, add one component at a time until you find the defective unit. Replace the defective part.
SeanDAuthor Commented:
  I tried all that and I get nothing at all. I changed the memory, nothing. Bad mother board? If so, is there anything I can do besides replace it?
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