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When trying to access Outlook Express from IExplorer 5, I get the same message each time:

A dial up Net working connection is already established to  to Adams network.   And then my choices are:  Try to locate server on the current connection   or    Hang up and dial Adams.

Each time I have to check the Try to locate server on the current connection in order to avoid a disconnect and re-dial.

Under Tools/Options/Connections...Ask before switching connections is checked and it shows IE and Outlook Express share the same internet connection.

How can I get Outlook Express to quit asking if I want to re-dial or try to locate server on the current connection.
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sLeEpYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
switch outlook from "use dial up specified" to "use local area network LAN"
goto tools, options, mail tab, highlight your account and pick properties, the option to set it to LAN is in here
Good Luck!  =0)
weazerAuthor Commented:
In my Outlook Express there is no Mail tab under Tools/Options.
tools, accounts
then after u click accounts, there is 4 tabs, one is mail
then highlight your account and click properties, then in the properties, switch it to LAN
sorry, i mixed it up
This should not be an accepted answer!!
What ever "sLeEpY" is trying to say just isn't there under Win95.  I have also had this problem but I also loose my connection when I open Outlook while IE5 browser is already on line.  Why and how can that be corrected.  I thought the first bad "accepted answer" may also solve the disconnect problem.
I think "sLeEpY" may be sleeping after reading  his replys.  Thanks,  Jim
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