Windows Write Protection Error

I recently got a new computer. After installing windows, it gives me a windows write protection error at random. Sometimes I will boot up fine, other times it won't boot at all. I need help, this is frustrating.
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ROENNEConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a known issue. You need to go to the AMD website ( and get a patch. At this site you will also get the explanation about this problem. I hope this helps.

By any chance do you have an iomega zip drive? Because I have this problem to and I think its a conflict between my zip drive/cdrom drive!

CMWAuthor Commented:
No. The system specs are as such:

AMD K6-2 350mhz processor
Motherboard unknown (MSALC sound familiar?)
3 1/2 in floppy
44x CD ROM - brand unkown
PC-Tel 56.6 modem
SiS 6326 video card
Soundcard ESS solo (built-in)
Keymouse ps/2 3 button mouse
Generic monitor

The complete error message is:

While initializing device IOS:
Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer.

Hope this helps.
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  This problem u're facing could be caused due to various reasons.
  Try starting up in Safe Mode. If u're able to do so, then the problem is with the drivers of some device. In Safe mode, change ur display adapter to Standard VGA - 16 colours. Startup ur pc in normal mode and test it. If u don't get this problem again, u've probably isolated ur Video drivers as the cause of ur problem.
If this isn't the case, u'll need to keep checking ur various device drivers till u find the ones causing the problem.
I'm sure once u isolate the drivers for a particular device as the cause of the problem, u can search the web for newer drivers.

CMWAuthor Commented:
It happens the same with two different video and modem cards. That is all that is in there. I've exchanged them and I still get the error.
CMWAuthor Commented:
I went to and I cannot seem to find the patch you are talking about. I've looked in the support area, and I cannot even find where it talks about the issue. Please tell me more?
Sorry, it´s not so easy to find, but this is the URL:
Please remember to read the instructions carefully.
Since you awarded me the points I hope this helps :-)


CMWAuthor Commented:
Well here is a question.. now that I've got this patch. How in the world can I install it if I cannot get into windows95?? This really is getting frustrating.. I am starting to dislike computers.
Have you tried in fail-safe mode?
Otherwise you might have to go to the link mentioned at AMD:

Microsoft Knowledge Base reference article(s): Q192841 AMD K6-2/350 CPU Windows Protection Error at boot time.

The point is that you have to replace 3 or 4 files in windows, you can do this manually or via the AMD .exe file
but if you cannot get into windows at all you probably have to do it manually in which case you must refer to the microsoft article mentioned above.


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