Upgrade to RH6 and now road runner doesnt work

I just recently upgraded to RH 6 from RH 5.2 and my roadrunner was working great.  When I upgraded, I cant login now.  However, my ehternet card is working and is activated at boot time.  When I try to login using rrlogin this is the message I get:

no host: sms1 at ./rrlogin line 62

Can someone deciper this for me and provide me clues on how to resolve this issue.

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joefissionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This isn't exactly an easy question, but the scores are AFU, so that doesn't really matter.

Anyway, you need to edit the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup script.

Change the /sbin/pump to /sbin/dhcpcd where:

if [ -n "$PUMP" ]; then
    echo -n "Determining IP information for $DEVICE..."
    if /sbin/dhcpcd $DEVICE ; then
        echo " done."

That will fix it. I'm using rh6 and rr.
Otherwise, go to the redhat errata and get the new pump (I know, it's hard when you can't get on line to get it...).

It look like you are missing hostname use linuxconf and see hostname that was set for network card
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