Large IDE hard discs not being recognised

On my machine I seem to have a 8.4meg limit for an IDE hard drive. I am running Win95 on a 133 pentium. Is there any way in which the computer can be set up to accept a larger drive. The auto config in the BIOS setup only goes up to 8.4 despite the drive being 10 meg.
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TatsniceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try entering the harddrive information manually.
Cylinders,Sectors,Heads in the CMos Standard Settings.
If this fails to work,

write down your bios name manufacturer and serial no. which can be found at the bottom of the screen during boot-up.
Visit the bios manufacturers support site.  They may have a flash program specifically for your bios chip. Make sure you get the correct one for your chip. Read the directions carefully.  If you are unable to find a flash or cannot get an upgrade chip,

   Visit the manufacturers site of your hard-drive and download an overlay program which will tell your bios that the drive is larger than it recognizes.

for maxtor drives:
for Quantum:
for seagate:
for Western Digital:  (I think)

Most common program is called E-Z drive.  Make sure you get the one that matches your manufacturer. Read the Directions.
If you use this make sure you back up critical files(ones you dont want to lose)

once the overlay is installed.  you will have to reinstall all software as this will format the drive.

the link for Western Digital is actually:
DKidnerAuthor Commented:
I will try the suggestions

Many thanks

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