repetitious system sounds.

On a AMD k6 2 450 on a DFI K6BV3+ Motherboard, an ESS SOLO 1 PCI sound card. The windows 98 system sounds do not work at boot up or shut. The dings and bells are repetitious, when the are supposed to work. In Control panel in the sounds folder they will play when they are selected. Thanks for the help.  Glowplug
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filiepConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've had the same problem. You should check if you can reconfigure your soundcard with other settings (dma, irq,..)
That solved my problem.
The problem is a bad IRQ selection, that is your Sound Card has preferred and just functional IRQ options, and probably your system has the preferred IRQ used by another device, normally a modem, because usually Sound Cards like IRQ 5, if you change to this IRQ your system will work well.

PS: You have to change the Wave Sound Device, not the MPU.
I forgot to say that maybe you won't be allow to change the IRQ, because you have  MVP3 main board and maybe you'll need the VIA IRQ Routing program to allow the change of IRQ, you can get it from VIA or AOpen Website.
glowplugAuthor Commented:
I thought that an IRQ is the problem also. I am just not real sure on how to change it. I will keep looking. more info would be helpful. Thank you.  Glowplug
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