Browser cache with ASP generated pages

I have a big trouble with NS cache with my asp generated pages. I'm trying "Response.Expires = 0" but it doesn't work well. Is there any real way to avoid Netscape use cache with this pages?
Sorry for my bad English, nut it's my 4th language.
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cadlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An easy way to ensure ALL browsers read the page from the server and not the cache is to append a unique value to the end of the requested URL. This can be as easy as some script code in the browser that appends a random number to a parameter that isn't used, or a timestamp. When the browser sees that the value isn't in the cache, it will automatically load it. It can be done with ASP code by appending the unique string to the end of the HRef tags!

Current URL code: <a href="thepage.asp">Click Here</a>
New URL Code:<a href="thepage.asp?Timestamp=<%
Response.Write(Rnd(500))%>>Click Here</a>

Hope this helps!

xabiAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Add this in your HTML Code

<meta http-equiv="" content="no-cache">
<meta http-equiv="Expires" content="Mon, 01 Jan 1990 12:00:00 GMT">
<title>Catalogue &amp; Shopping</title>

xabiAuthor Commented:
I'll try it
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