Dual boot Linux/Win98SE

I recently upgraded my PC. Linux and Win98 worked 100%. Then I decided to install Win98SE and redo the PC (format fdisk etc). I boot up with Red Hat 6 cd and start install, use Diskdruid to set up partitions and continue, but when it comes to the point were it wants to install the boot loader, setup reports some error in writing the bootloader and lets me retry( nothing happens) I am thus forced to quit the installation.
When the PC reboots, it prompts LILO though, even though it said it couldn't load bootloader. If I choose to boot to DOS though, it sais L?L and hangs.
I've setup Linux about 20 times now on other systems in exactly the same way I did on the new system, and Win98 and Linux works 100% on all of them except on this machine. I've givven up now and only installed Win98 now(works 100%), but I am still curious as to what might have caused this.
The hard drive is brand new and reports no errors under scandisk(thorough).

Any ideas?????
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diogoschneiderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's what I've been talking about. Windows 98 somehow erases LILO. After installing 98, you gotta either run the Linux setup again (that will run LILO) or boot with a kernel on a boot disk, then run 'lilo' from the command line. That's why I recommend to install Linux after Win98.


This kind of message (L?L) usually occours when the disk table is damaged (or unexpected by LILO). One reason could be that the map file does not match the installed LILO and partition table.
Did you use disk= keyword in your lilo.conf.
Another cause could be that your your kernel did not fit into the first 1023 cylinders.
Best is to use Linux's fdisk to do all the partitioning, nothing else, 'cause some progs (druiddisk, magicpartition, or whatever) are known to be buggy, somehow.
some partition different with linux, done by dos, winXX, or other ?
boot floppy with DOS, check partitions with fdisk
if necessary, erase block 0 with norton or similar
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Win98 (any version) is known to cause problems with LILO. Maybe it's a bug, but I'd say it's a Microsoft trick. Try installing only LILO again, edit your '/etc/lilo.conf' file, fine tune it to the best configuration for you and run 'lilo' again.

 If it doesn't work, there's something I did before and worked just fine: I installed Win98 in a single partitioned disk, then I used Partition Magic 3 to split it and then I installed Linux on the first partition, using 'cfdisk' to do the partitioning of the new free space. It ran just fine.

 By the way, what does Win98SE have in special?
How should M$ fake LILO, when LILO has a map-drive= keyword?
Why wasting $$$ if there is better free software.
psimationAuthor Commented:
Hmm, since I wrote my question, I've tried it again and this time it works! I'm not sure if I did it exactly 100% same as before, but for the record,
I started out by removing all partitions, then, using win98 bootdisk, created a new partition (fat32), leaving enough space for linux on the disk. Re-boot, format primary dos partition. Then, re-boot with Linux CD and created 2 new Partitions using diskdruid, installed Linux and reboot. LILO works fine. Boot into dos and setup win98 on the dos partition. After install, LILO is gone(predictably). Boot with the linux CD again and chose "Upgrade", re-install boot loader with no problem...
Strange isn't it?
Could the order of creating partitions cause the failure of the boot loader?
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