How to get the Client Host Name

I am writing a Java Script to use as an automatica proxy configurator for MSIE 4.01. I want to know if there is a JavScript funtion to detect not only the IP adress for the host but also the full qualified host name, etc.
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Michel PlungjanConnect With a Mentor IT ExpertCommented:
TecBuilder is correct. However with a mixture of serverside and clientside you can...

if(typeof(HostName) == "undefined")        // Check for no server
   document.write("HostName is unknown");
document.write("You came from " +HostName + " ("+ IPAddr + ")");

Pharlab has more of those, and you can rewrite one yourself with nslookup...

I assume you are referring to server-side JavaScript and not client-side JavaScript, correct?  There is no function on client-side to get the information you want.
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