Built-in LCD screen resolutions on 400MHz G3 laptop, in 2 screen mode

We  just bought the 400MHz G3 laptop. We want to run it connected to a second screen
(at 640 x480 resolution - the only resolution supported by the second screen output, I believe).
But, we also want to maintain the resolution of the built-in monitor at 640x480 at the
same time.

When the laptop is not connected to an external monitor, it allows you to select from
any of three resolutions - 640x480, 1024x768 or 832xwhatever.

When the computer is connected to an external monitor, it allows the built-in screen to
display in 1024x768 only. This is a problem for our purposes.

Does anyone know of a way to connect this machine to an external monitor at 640x480
while at the same time setting the built-in screen to 640x480.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

G. McDonald
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65471Connect With a Mentor Commented:
from what I have read, when connecting to an external monitor, the PB screen resolution is unchangeable from the default setting you mentioned.
I also have a PB 400 and have run into the same prolem. Aparrently its a bug and im doing some research to find a workaround. Connecting an external monitor to the PB should also lower your built in screen colors to Thousands instead of Millions. Ill get back to you when i find out more.
Screen rez may be unchangeable but screen colors should certainly be able to hit millions. Especially with 8 mb of VRAM. Please point us to that documentation.
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