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Partition Problem. Help!!!!!

Well, I am runing a partition software from Taiwain, called Spfdisk.exe.  First of all, it did not display correctly my total HD space (10.2GB, used : 2.5GB, free: ~7.5GB).  Later on, I tried to partition a new drive (D) with size of 3GB.  I managed to do so.  Now, I do not want any partition on HD any more.  But, I failed to get back 3GB (add back to C:) if delete the partition drive using the same software.  Win98 does not detect the 3GB as part of the C:.  It consider it as unaccessable area.  So, is there any way/method to recover my HD back to original status?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You can't extend partitions using Win95 or Win98's included tools.  If you want to get that 3GB back into the c: partition you'll need to:

a)  wipe the C: drive, use FDISK to remove the existing partitions and then create one large one for the c: drive.  Then Reinstall Win98.  (Backup your data because it WILL all be lost).

b) buy Partition Magic and use that to extend the partition (This will NOT make you lose any data - but you should perform a backup just in case).
It is possible that your computer cannot see HD bigger then 8.4GB, it is there but the info displayed is incorrect, make sure you have the latest BIOS upgrade (that doesn't guarantee it will read correctly)
I really don't recommend partition that big anyways, I keep mine to 2 to 3 GB max so that it doesn't take all day to defrag or scandisk.
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