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I have just purchased two unix servers running solaris 2.6.
We are installing lotus notes 4.6.3 on this servers.
Firstly, the servers are based at 2 different sites and are linked to each other via 2 seperate 2Mbits/s lines.
The server at siteA is nearer to the administrative wing of our organisation but the server at siteB is where the primary administrator will be based, the support administrator will be based at siteA. Also the administrative team have to download statements to a server every night.
My questions:
1. Does the servers have to be setup as a master/slave configuration? My administrator tells me that for replication one server has to be the master and the other the slave?
I thought replication could work both ways from either serverA to B and vice versa without this master/slave setup.
2. My administrator also tells me that because she is based at siteB, siteB's server had to be the primary server with the server at siteB the secondary. The main reason she gives is that one server has to be designated as the server for creating users and adding users to the PNAB, and she wants that to be at siteB where she is based.
Couldn't this be done on either server with replication taking care of any updates for the other server.
3. We have 2 servers serving both sites, the big question is
if one of the servers goes down - how do we switch users to the other server automatically or otherwise?
How do we then switch them back when the original server is up again.

Thanks very much in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

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gvisuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Servers have not to be setup as "master/slave", and replication will work in both ways if administrator not disable this.
2) You tell that sites connected via high speed channels, and so there is no matter what server is registering users. 2x2 Mb is more than enough to make no difference between server in other room and server in other site. You administer server from your Notes client, and case of touch with server keyboard is very very rarely.
3) To do automatic switching user you must install cluster. To instal cluster you must have Advanced Services license.

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