Class Wizard and CObject derived classes

How do I get the Class Wizard to see my CObject derived class?  Right now I would like to use the Wizard to modify my class by it does not appear in the Wizard.
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ExtremeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open the wizard, you'll see an Add Class button. You can add it here by giving it the proper filenames and class name, however, you'll need to have your class set up pretty much like MSVC sets up theirs.
For instance the;


and other comments are read by the wizard and need to be there so he knows where to put what.

I've never done it like that, though, I always do my classes manually. Hope this helps :o)
You cannot add a class derived from CObject using the wizard. In fact, any class that you derive from CObject must be created manually. Make sure that the header file stdafx.h is included.

SimGuyNowPCsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for taking the extra time to give a step-based answer.  I guess that I really knew the answer, I was just looking for some ingenious way to be aboe to use the Wizard.

Thanks - Charlie
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