Computer locks up when scrolling

Posted on 1999-07-05
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Last Modified: 2006-11-17
I have a very annoying problem with Internet Explorer. Since I installed Beta 5 and subsequently New version 5, I am unable to use IE5 because as soon as I scroll using either the scroll bar (with mouse) or the scroll wheel on the mouse the system freezes and I am unable to restart unless I use the Restart button or turn off the power. The same problem has taken over scrolling with Word Perfect. Netscape Navigator and MS Word are not affected. I have been unable to get a response from MS folks. Outlook and my IP software have also developed some idiosyncrasies as well at the same time as the scrolling thing started.
Hope someone can help as I'm thinking of reformatting the whole thing and starting over.
Many thanks in advance.
Question by:davidjmurray

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ID: 1826312
Have you tried MS's free support.  You can find it at: http://support.microsoft.com/support/webresponse/pid/selectpid.asp

I have used this service several times and have always received a response quickly and provided excellant help.


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ID: 1826313
memory.. memory.. and more memory..

you don't mention how much your system has, but I'll bet it's not enough.. the apps you refer to are all memory hogs.. they need a bunch of memory to run cleanly..  any abnormal behavior in them is usually tied to lack of enough memory..

consider adding RAM to your system and I'll bet performance improves..

good luck

Author Comment

ID: 1826314
Computer has 128meg ram
This problem only started when IE beta 5 was installed
Installation of the IE5 published version did not resolve the problem

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ID: 1826315
128mb is nothing these days.. I still beleive your problem is memory related.. MS products in general are memory hogs..


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ID: 1826316
it 's a trouble in explorer5 manymany bug I uninstallie5 and I install my old ie4
and every think work fine !good luck :)

Accepted Solution

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ID: 1826317
I am going to suggest you use a serial port for your mouse instead of your ps/2 port. I had the same problem when and after installing the IE 5 final. I am using a microsoft wheel mouse and changed to a plain two button mouse with no success until I put the mouse in my serial port. You can get an adapter from serial to ps/2 if you don't already have one. This cleard up my problem and no more lockups while scrolling.

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You may want to uninstall IE5 and then re-install.  If you just upgraded IE5 beta to IE5, some problem files may not have been overwritten and/or removed.

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